Thursday, November 29, 2007

Call the Doctor, the Patient is Bleeding to Death

The United States is hemorrhaging money at an incredible rate. According to Ron Paul, "we must borrow $3 billion every day from foreigners to maintain our extravagant spending. Our national debt now is increasing $600 billion per year and, guess what, we print over $600 billion per year to keep the charade going. But there's a limit and I'm fearful we're fast approaching it."

This video gives you a reality check on the current economic condition of our country. Every American needs to watch this video and watch it as many times as you need to to really get it. It's time we called in the doctor -- Dr. Ron Paul -- to stop this bleeding and save the patient that is our country -- before it's too late.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is correct. Our nation debt is too large. We print too much money.

The result is the falling value of the dollar. The value of our once world beating currency has dropped 40%. The Canadian dollar is worth more than our. The value of the Euro and the pound has also appreciated against the dollar.

Part the the reason the price of oil is almost $100 a barrel is because the value of our money has decresed. We need more dollars to buy imported goods. The cost of gasoline will exceed $4 a gallon, shortly after the election.

Web Dev Girl said...

Agreed. The feds are getting ready to drop the value of the dollar yet again by printing more money to generate another rate cut. The only thing keeping us afloat right now is the fact that other countries are buying our goods and services and because the countries that we owe trillions of dollars to aren't calling in their loans -- yet.

This house of cards is going to come tumbling down and we're going to be in a recession/depression the likes of which this country has never seen unless we do something to halt this rapidly dwindling spiral.

We need someone like Ron Paul as President who understands this situation better than any of the other candidates currently running for the office.