Sunday, January 6, 2008

Manchester Townhall Meeting

Today at 5:00pm EST, Congressman Ron Paul attended a townhall meeting in Manchester, NH to answer questions posed by undecided New Hampshire voters. If you're still on the fence about Congressman Paul or have friends or family who are still undecided, this is a good opportunity to get some outstanding questions answered.

Part I

Part II


Anonymous said...

It's Sunday, January 6th...2:30 pacific time. No Paul. Very disappointed.

Web Dev Girl said...

According to HQ there is a problem with the feed. Apparently the maximum capacity for viewers on ustream is only 1500 people. The stream was instantly overwhelmed. Check back and I will do my best to find a recording of the event and post it here as soon as possible.

TranceAm said...

Great work Webdevgirl.
Thanks for the effort.

Shameless plug:

TranceAm said...
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Web Dev Girl said...

Thanks, tranceam!