Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's Time to Wake Up

I got into a discussion yesterday with a co-worker who feels very passionately about various social issues on the table during this Presidential election season. While I admire her passion, I was reminded that there are many people in this country who are unable to see the forest for the trees when it comes to the state of this country. Many do not realize that, unless some very fundamental issues are handled, the very things they feel so passionate about will soon become the least of their worries. Unless things change, we will all have much greater assaults on our personal freedoms to worry about. Some are already taking place.

I doubt that anyone reading this would eagerly volunteer to live in a country like Communist Russia in its "hey day" with its gulags and KGB looking over their shoulder. I also seriously doubt anyone would want to go back to the land of the Third Reich during its most "prosperous" years while it invaded countries throughout Europe and exterminated anyone they deemed to be inferior or in opposition to its goals or ideals. However, today, our country is on the fast track to just such a society. A society where personal freedoms are a thing of the past and where the state governs every move you make, every decision you make, and every thought you think.

How does a country get to this point and how do we reverse this trend? Well, here's how: