Saturday, March 8, 2008

Who Would You Choose to Lead Us Through this Recession?

Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul warned us. He's also told us what we needed to do to prevent a recession. Although the financial analysts agree, most Americans chose not to listen and instead decided to back Presidential candidates who are clueless when it comes to handling the U.S. economy.

Just yesterday Congressman Paul had this to say about the economy:

"An issue that I've been talking about for thirty years is now a key issue of the evening news. That is the dollar crisis and its economic ramifications. The money issue gives our movement credibility and a chance to offer sound solutions. At the rate our economy is slipping, we will likely see the disintegration of the American empire, and that will be no small event. Foreign policy will continue to be of crucial importance to all Americans as its burden on the economy will get worse."

If your state has not yet had it's primary, I urge you to vote for Congressman Ron Paul. If you are an unbound Republican delegate for your state, I urge you to vote for Congressman Paul at the National Convention. It's not too late. We can save this great country of ours, but we have to pry ourselves away from the rhetoric being spewed by the talking heads day in and day out and vote with our heads not our emotions. Please vote for the only candidate who has demonstrated time and again that he understands the state of our economy and what needs to be done to fix it -- Congressman Ron Paul.